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What are different types of solar collectors?

There are several different types of collectors, and the right type for you depends on your climate and how often you’re planning to use your pool in colder weather. Unglazed collector systems are less expensive because they don’t have glass coverings, and instead use cheaper rubber or plastic parts. They can work if you don’t plan to use your pool in temperatures below freezing. If you want to use your solar pool heater in cold weather, you’ll want to get a glazed collector system instead. These capture heat more effectively, and can be used all year in most locations.

Use the Sun's Radiant Heat

Pool water is pumped through a filter into a solar hot water collector. Solar hot water collectors are thin, flat boxes that are usually mounted on the roof. Thin pipes of water run through each collector. The collectors are positioned facing the sun, and use the sun’s rays to heat the water running inside. Unlike solar panels, which convert the sun’s energy into electricity, solar pool heaters use the heat of the sun directly. If you live in a climate with very hot weather, the solar collectors can actually be used to cool down water when that’s necessary, by running the system at night.

Some systems include sensors and valves to help automatically send water through the collector when it’s hot enough. If the pool and the collectors are around the same temperature, the filtered water won’t be sent through the collector, but will just go back into the pool.

How much do solar pool heaters cost?

The cost will vary depending on the type of system you want and your location, but may range between $3000-$8000, including installation.

Solar Pool Heating